Jeep – Wrangler (Pitch for Jeep)

Replacing real vehicles with cg rendered cars, generating clean plates, multichannel compositing of cg cars, roto/paint work, grading to match cg cars to the backplate

Software: Nuke

Mercedes-Benz – ESF

Presentational video about the experimental safety vehicle "ESF" by Mercedes-Benz

Multichannel Compositing, Grading

Software: Nuke


Mercedes Benz – A-Class Webspecial

An exploding car as part of an interactive Webspecial for the introduction of the new A-Class. Multichannel Compositing.

Software: Nuke

compositing • vfx • retouching

Daniel Hartlehnert

Gigaset - Gigaset ME launch video

For the launch of the new Gigaset ME cell phone, several videos have been produced. They all feature full CG close-ups of the phone. Multichannel Compositing.

Software: Nuke